The core of the PRM Academy’s activity is the education of health professionals, carried out through an intense and widespread educational activity in Italy and abroad. Every year, medical updating meetings are organized, some in collaboration with numerous Associations of Medical Doctors and prestigious universities.

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La formazione per i giovani medici

PRM Academy pays special attention to the demands and needs of young medical doctors. Are you a hospital doctor under the age of 40 or a specialist under the age of 35?

Educational proposal

Every year, the PRM Academy organizes more than 500 updating/educational events divided into multi-year or annual educational courses, held in different weekends, and single-theme seminars. Many of the meetings are held inside the offices of the Associations of Medical Doctors and Universities and there are numerous collaborations with the most important Italian medical associations – FIMP, SIMMG, SIPPS, etc. – with the aim of updating general practitioners and/or specialists on the most recent acquisitions in the field of Physiological Regulating Medicine

Educational Courses for medical doctors

In addition to the Three-year Educational Course, the educational proposal by the PRM Academy offers Annual Educational Courses dedicated to specific topics, including:

– Bioregularity Systems Medicine (BrSM)
– Physiological Regultating Medicine (PRM)
– General Medicine
– Pediatrics
– Chronic Degenerative Diseases
– Gastroenterology
– Endocrinology
– Aesthetic Medicine
– Injection Techniques in Bioregularity Systems Medicine
– Odontostomatology
– Kinesiology
– Microimmunotherapy
– Physiological Nutraceuticals
– Manual Medicine and Injection Therapies
– Homeomesotherapy
– Environmental Medicine
– Obstetrics and Gynecology

Educational Courses for veterinarians

Annual Educational Course in:

– Bioregulatory Systems Medicine (BrSM), Low Dose Medicine and Veterinary Physiological Nutraceutical

Educational Courses for pharmacists

Annual Educational Course in:

– Bioregulatory Systems Medicine (BrSM), Low Dose Medicine and Veterinary Physiological Nutraceutical

Single-theme seminars

In addition to the Annual or Multi-year Educational Courses as described above, the PRM Academy also organizes single-theme seminars lasting one or two days on topics of particular interest to other health professionals, such as Midwives, Nutrition Biologists and Physiotherapists.

Teaching staff

University Professors and Medical Doctors who are also Low Dose Medicine specialists. Their activity is coordinated by a Board of Directors that decides the programs, the teaching style and evaluates the activities that have been carried out.

The teaching staff of the Association is composed of over 100 professionals.